Frequently Asked Questions – Nursery

How tall will the blueberry plants be when I receive them?

Plant height will vary by variety. 2 yr. old plants are usually between 10” on the half-high varieties up to 24” on some highbush blueberries. Plant height is not as important as a good root system.

How will my order look when I receive it?

Packages will be boxed and the pots removed for better packing.

How far should I space the plants when I plant them?

Most varieties can be planted between 3 to 4 feet apart.  Spacing between rows is usually 10 feet.

How many varieties do I get with the different home gardener packs?

The 6 plant package contains 2 early season varieties, 2 mid-season varieties, and 2 late season varieties. The 12 plant package contains 4 early season varieties, 4 mid-season varieties, and 4 late season varieties. The 24 plant package contains 8 early season varieties, 8 mid-season varieties, and 8 late season varieties.

What kind of soil works best for Blueberry plants?

Sandy or sandy loams provide the best drainage.  On heavy clay soils, care must be taken to avoid waterlogged soils. It is best on heavy soils to plant on raised beds, amended with acidic organic matter. Digging a hole in clay just creates a bucket that holds water and the blueberry plant drowns after a heavy watering.

When is the best time to plant Blueberry plants?

Our blueberry plants are all grown in containers, so you have a long season available to plant.  The best time to plant is when you have your beds prepared and irrigation ready to go. We ship blueberries (weather permitting) from March to early June.  We then start shipping again in September into late November.