Good morning:

I hope and your loved ones have survived 2020 and all of the hardships it has taken on our country. It was a challenge in March, not knowing what we would be able to do. Thankfully agriculture was deemed “essential” and we continued to ship plants and prepare for the upcoming season. DeGrandchamp Farms instituted all of the required safety measures to assure our employee’s health.

As always, there is never a normal weather year anymore. Entering the early Spring the potential for a big crop of blueberries was promising. Then came the “Mother’s Day Freeze”. Temperatures were in the mid to low 20’s for several hours that early morning. It was too windy and too cold to run our overhead irrigation systems for protection.

Thankfully our blueberry blossoms were only in pink stage and most survived the freeze. Some varieties did not and that is why it is best to plant multiple varieties to lessen your losses. Our summer was hot and dry and the irrigation systems worked almost nonstop. Once again it proves that a reliable irrigation system is essential for successful operation.

As we enter our 63rd blueberry season, we are always here to help you plan your new or next planting.

All the best,

Mike DeGrandchamp

Commercial Blueberry Plant Orders

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