Good morning:

In 1958, Vince and Bea DeGrandchamp bought a 12-acre blueberry farm in South Haven Michigan. In 2023, DeGrandchamp Farms celebrated its 65th anniversary!

The 12 acres has grown to 250 acres of Blueberry production and 42 acres of cranberry production. The nursery that started out with one small greenhouse (10’X20’), has grown to 50,000 square feet of greenhouse production and 10 acres of outdoor container production.

DeGrandchamp Farms is proud to announce that the farm operation has transitioned to the 3rd generation. Everyone is excited for the next 65 years!

Our blueberry crop was very good this year, as we had no winter damage and no frost. There were favorable temperatures for good pollination to set a big crop. Some years all of the weather cooperates, and this was one.

Irrigation really paid off. May and June were very dry here in the Great Lakes region. July and August we had rain on a lot of days that made harvesting a challenge. September was warm and dry. In October it seemed we had rain every day, making it difficult for fall plantings. At the end of the year, we will have average rainfall, except in the months that it was needed.

As always, you are only a phone call or email away from our help in your new or existing plantings. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any help you need. Remember we are not plant brokers. We grow in our fields what we sell to you.

Put our 65 years of experience in blueberry production to work for your operation.

All the best,

Mike DeGrandchamp

Commercial Blueberry Plant Orders

For inventory availability and to place an order, please call 269-637-3915 or email sales@degrandchamps.com.