Blueberry Varieties:

We grow many great varieties, but here are a few of our favorites!

  • Blue Crop- This variety provides a “classic” sweet blueberry flavor and medium size; typically ready to pick mid-July to mid-August.
  • Collins- Collins is a firm, sweet berry. It is often large in size and typically ready to pick mid to late July.
  • Early Blues- Just as the name suggests, this sweet, medium-sized variety is typically ready to pick the beginning of July.
  • Berkeley- This powdery-blue berry is often large, typically ready to be picked between mid-July and early-August.
  • Spartan- A crowd favorite for its sweet flavor and large size, this variety is only available for a short time, usually ready to pick around mid- July.
  • Jersey- One of the oldest varieties, Jerseys are medium-sized, sweet, and very popular for baking. It is typically ready to pick from late July through mid- August.


Exact start and end dates vary from year to year. Typically U-Pick begins in July and runs through mid-August. When available U-Pick is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

Blueberry Availability – IMPORTANT

The variety available on any given day depends very heavily on weather and the time of the season. Check out our Facebook to see what we currently have available!

U-Pick Tips

  • Buckets with liners are provided for you to take your berries home.  
  • There is very little shade in the fields, and sometimes bugs too- don’t forget sunscreen, water, and bug spray!
  • Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty as the fields can be muddy.
  • Please don’t bring any pets to the farm as this is a food safety hazard. We strive to provide our customers with the safest food possible and we appreciate your help with this by respecting this rule.
  • Fresh Season

    July – August

    During the hot season, blueberries are flourishing on the bush.  They are available for purchase or you can come on out and pick them yourself! We hope to see you and your family!

  • Frozen Season


    Craving blueberries but its not the season? Come on in and get them frozen! No need to wait! Available and good for 10 months in your freezer!

    Frozen Season