Blueberry Planting Instructions

Blueberry Planting Instructions:

  1.  The planting site should not have standing water or be in a frost pocket.  Blueberries do not grow in swamps, but on edges where the soil is moist and well drained.  Blueberries will tolerate partial shade.  You will get the best fruit production if planted in full sun.

  2. Dig a planting hole at least 24″ in diameter and 18″ deep.  The planting hole should contain 50% acidic organic mulch( peat moss, rotted saw dust, composted pine bark, etc.).  Please remember that the planting hole your are preparing is what the blueberry has to live in for its entire life.  Don’t skip the preparation or the size.  Thoroughly mix the soil with the acidic mulch.  The pH of the planting media should be about 4.5-5.0.  Plants should be spaced 3-4 feet apart.

  3. Before planting container grown blueberries it is important to “rough up” the root ball.  This can be very easily done by digging your fingers into the sides of the root ball and spreading the roots out.  By loosening up the roots, the plants will spread out into the soil.

  4. Do not plant too deep.  The blueberry plant should not be any deeper than the top of the root ball.  In heavy clay soils, plant the root ball high, at least 1/2 out of the ground.  Then backfill around the plant with the proper planting media.

  5. A 2″ mulch of rotted sawdust, leaf mold, pine bark or straw should be applied after planting and maintained yearly.

  6. Fertilizer should be applied at the low rates.  Use a fertilizer for “acid loving” plants, such as Azalea food plant.

  7. Blueberries do not tolerate drought.  Maintain moist soils, but do not over water.

  8. Follow these planting instructions and you will grow the best blueberries for many years to come.